Sunday, 12 July 2020


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Seed Encrusting & Pelleting
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These pellets and encrustings (lesser degree of build-up) have additional advantages:

  • Better plantability
  • Use of phytotoxic products
  • Higher percentage of marketable fraction
  • Weight and volume increase
  • Uniform distribution and high recovery of applied pesticides
  • Addition of biological control agents (bacteria & fungi)
  • Addition of growth promoting agents
  • Addition of identification systems (from color codes to micro taggants)

Many pellet types are available:

  • Melting pellets; the pellet stays around the seed, but dissolves evenly away
  • Split pellets; the pellet splits open upon water contact and gives free way to the germ
  • Professional pellets or greenhouse pellets; especially designed for greenhouse conditions
  • Organic pellets and encrustings. Produced from certified organic materials

Custom coating, encrusting and pelleting can be done from our production sites in the United States and the Rep. of South Africa. To check which products can be produced from those operational units clic on ASTEC RSA or ASTEC US. In case you want to purchase materials or equipment for in house coating, encrustings or pelleting contact Freek Schreurs for technical support.